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Winter Is Coming: Dr Fauci Gives Warning About The Season!


Winter Is Coming: Dr Fauci Gives Warning About The Season!: Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, joined CNN’s Jim Acosta on The Situation Room. He was there to discuss how to help contain outbreaks that can start over the long weekend.

Deaths in America has reached 200,000. Read on to hear his essential guidance, and to protect other people’s well-being and health. Do not miss out on these healthy signs of coronavirus that you already have.

Dr Fauci in the frame

 Things That Worry Dr Fauci

President Trump said that we turned around a corner the severity of the coronavirus. Fauci disagreed when asked if that was accurate. “I do not know what he says,” Fauci said.

Several states have done well in the sense that the number of cases is dropping. There is currently concern that there are several states, especially the Dakotas, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota and others that are beginning to see a rise in the positive percentage of tests, which is usually an indication that there will be an issue.

The Disturbing Death Toll

Deaths are more than 200.00. “It’s alarming to Jim, particularly as I’ve told you and others on this show that we need lower the benchmark level as we’re floating about 40,000 cases a day,” Fauci said.

You know, we’ve been hanging around 20,000 for several weeks in a row. Then we’ve had the boom in the southern states of Florida, Texas, California, Arizona.

And we’ve gone up to about 70,000. We’re down to 40 now. We’ve got to get it down a lot because if you go to a low baseline. Then cases arise, you can handle them-good identification, isolation, and contact tracing.

The Rise In New Cases

“These are, in fact, new cases. And the reason we know these new cases is that when the cases increase, there is invariably an increase in hospital admissions and ultimately an increase in deaths, which is the real result,” Fauci said.

The main thing is the proportion of positive test results you’ve taken. And we increasingly see an uptick in this and some places that are alarming. So we’re asking these states’ governors and representatives to please pay attention to this since it can be an indicator of the voltage peaks that we want to stop.

410,000 Deaths Is Possible By January

A forecast by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicted 410,000 deaths by January. Fauci said:

“They predicted through January because that takes into account that there will be a lot more indoor activities than outdoor activities in winter, fall, and winter. And when you combine in directive with the lack of consistent use of masks, you could get into trouble.”

There Are Ways You Can Keep Yourself—and America—Safe

Hopefully, people, particularly the younger ones, can pay attention to stuff like wearing a mask, avoiding close contact, avoiding crowds and doing whatever you can do outside as opposed to indoors. If we do that, we can do it over the weekend, Okay. And that’s completely important.



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