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Wisconsin Attorney General Feels Donald Trump’s Visit Has HEATED UP Things In Wisconsin !

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Donald Trump Visits Kenosha, Wisconsin Despite Disapproval From Attorney General of Wisconsin, General Josh Kaul

Donald Trump decided to make a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin which was raging after the shooting on Jacob Blake. The state was already having an active protest. However, the shooting on Jacob Blake turned it into a violent one. Many places were turned into ruins due to the violent protest. Trump visited Kenosha and gave his backing to the police forces. The Attorney General of Wisconsin, General Josh Kaul was clearly not happy with the visit as he thought it would take the matter out of hand.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul Feels More Tension In State Post Donald Trump’s Visit

Trump’s visit to Kenosha has not gone down well with the people of Kenosha. This is also because he criticized the protesters as terrorists in his statement. Josh Kaul feels that Trump’s visit has heated up things in the state. He said, β€œThe situation on the ground in Kenosha had been improving significantly over the past several days, and having the president come brought more tension to that situation.” Trump’s idea of praising police and criticizing the people might have tarnished his image in the state.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul Criticizes Donald Trump For Supporting Shooting By Kyle Rittenhouse

A few days ago, a teenager named Kyle Rittenhouse killed two protesters. Donald Trump did not choose his words wisely as he defended the teenager for what he did. Criticizing Trump on this matter, Josh said, β€œRefusing to condemn vigilante violence, whether it’s in Charlottesville or in Kenosha, is unacceptable from our leaders. I’m hoping we will finally hear a clear condemnation of that violence from President Trump.”

Trump Is Saying Black Life Matters! Kenosha Overruled
Donald Trump

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul Gives His Assurance On Jacob Blake Investigation

Josh made it clear that he is doing everything to ensure that the investigation on the shooting of Jacob is going smoothly. However, he expects people to be patient for a good result. He said, β€œWe want to gather the evidence as fully and fairly, but also swiftly, consistent with that as possible, so that a charging decision can be made as quickly as possible.”

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