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With Her New Album, Miley Cyrus Reveals She Is Done With Liam Hemsworth!

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus
Source: LA Times

Miley Cyrus Reveals She Faked It In The Bedroom With Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus was working on her album for a very long time and looks like it is very close to release. Some of her songs get aimed at her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. As a dig at Liam, she pointed out that she faked things in the bedroom with Liam. She said:

β€œLast night was the nail in the coffin, Lord knows we were already dead. Look back and the memory’s haunted, can’t believe we did it again, yeah. Can’t count all the times that I faked it, thank God for the thoughts in my head. You know me the best, but you hurt me the worst, my darling. I can’t pretend anymore.”

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus
Source: LA Times

Miley Cyrus Calls Her Marriage A Distraction

Miley Cyrus did not stop taking digs at her husband with just one song. In another song called WTF Do I Know You, she gets her marriage to Liam as a distraction. Miley immediately started dating other people after the divorce and recently went through a breakup. She said in the unreleased song, β€œMaybe getting married just to cause a distraction.”

Miley Cyrus Refuses To Apologize To Liam Hemsworth

Many people believe that Liam filed for divorce as Miley cheated on him. However, Miley has always denied these claims. Taking her case forward, she refused to apologize and asserted that she has already moved on in her life post their divorce. She said:

β€œYou wanted an apology? Not from me. I had to leave you in your own misery. So tell me, baby, am I wrong that I moved on? And I don’t even miss you. Thought that it’d be you until I die, but I let go.”

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus
Source: Inside Edition

Miley And Liam Relationship

Miley and Liam started dating during their teenage. Since 2009, they have been dating on and off, but they finally decided to get married in 2018. However, Liam filed for a divorce even before one year of the marriage. Both of them have a different version regarding why they decided to go separate ways.

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