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With The Apple Time Flies Event Coming Up, Rumors For A Cheaper Apple Watch Make The Headlines!

Apple Watch
Source: CNN

Apple To Unveil Exciting Projects Apple’s Time Files Event

With The Apple Time Flies Event Coming Up, Rumors For A Cheaper Apple Watch Make The Headlines!: This year, every major tech event has been either canceled or shifted to online mode. Apple is undoubtedly not one of those companies to bow down to challenging circumstances. They choose to adapt and move ahead. It is why they had WWDC 2020 as a completely online event.

Their next event, called Time Flies, is again an entirely online event. Apple might reveal some new products that never came into the picture during WWDC 2020. The mega online event will take place on 15 September.

Apple Watch
Source: CNN

Where Can You Watch Apple Time Files

Since the Time Flies event is a virtual one this year, more people can tune in to the event. The event does have any tickets, and anyone can view it. Moreover, just like WWDC, this event is also expected to be a pre-recorded one straight from Steve Jobs Theater. You can watch the live stream from three sources.

The first one is the YouTube channel of Apple. Next, you can watch it from the official website of Apple. Last but not least, people can tune in from Apple TV as well. Moreover, the event will start at 10 a.m. PT or 110:30 p.m. IST.

Is There A Cheaper Apple Watch On The Way

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches out there in the market. The latest one to hit the market was the Watch Series 5. However, at this time event, there are strong rumors that Apple might be coming with a cheaper watch that will replace Watch Series 3. The Series 3 Apple Watch is available at $199. So the new look that may hit the market will be single at a price lower than $199.

Apple Watch
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What More To Expect From Apple Time Flies

Apple Time Flies event might come with many announcements. Moreover, as per the leading rumors and various leaks, people can expect new developments about the iPad, Watch Series 6, Apple TV, MacBook, etc. Tune in to the online event to catch a glimpse.

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