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Woman Jailed For Accusing Ex-Boyfriend For Gluing Her Privates!

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Woman Jailed For Accusing Ex-Boyfriend For Gluing Her Privates!: A woman named Vanessa Gesto of Madrid accused her former boyfriend Ivan Rico of a crime which does not commit. In the bizarre case, she framed him for kidnapping her, abandoning her half-naked.

She even accused her boyfriend of squeezing superglue into her most private parts. This incident happened in Bemimbre, in Spain.

Weird right?

All the accusations were false and had no truth in it. Gesto made up a story and framed him. Well, the fact came out when CCTV proved her information was incorrect.

CCTV Footage Showed Real Side of The Story

Ivan Rico in the frame

She wrongly accused Ivan. The surveillance footage taken at a local supermarket showed Gesto purchasing items. She bought superglue, a kidnap kit including knives and gloves. The footage points out how she used all these items on herself.

The evidence does not end here. The police checked the area and found no black car. They found out that only a local garbage truck passed in the area. She claimed Rico used black car to kidnap and stuff her in. The evidence proved she was bluffing.

Ivan went to jail way before police started the investigation. They were suspicious about the story and took the step to get evidence. He was released when it became clear that she was lying from the beginning.

Emilia Esteban, her former lawyer, cut ties with her after it emerged she tried to frame him. Lawyer Mrs Esteban said that she always believed Vanesa and that’s why I defended her. I feel humiliated and deceived.’

The court jailed her for ten years. She has to pay her ex 25000 Euros in compensation in a written statement. The trail at this year at Leon’s Provincial Court decided in favour of Ivan.

State prosecutors had demanded an 11 year, an eight-month prison sentence for her. Ivans’s brother Rafael told from day one his brother was sleeping when the supposed incident took place. He even mentioned his mother spent days crying after his arrest.

The truth was out, and he finally was free of charges. Such incidents happen, and they blame men which is morally not right.

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