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Would You Like To See An Official LEGO Recreation Of The Hyrule Castle? Everything You Should Know!

LEGO The Hyrule Castle

From a child to a grown-up, everyone dances at the tune of “Everything Is Awesome.” Nintendo Life has seen a lot of recreations over the years. A lot of them have belonged to the universe of “The Legend Of Zelda.” One of the most stands out recreation so far has been the stables from the Breath Of The Wild. A person did LEGO recreation of The Hyrule Castle recently.

LEGO Recreation Of The Hyrule Castle

However, it no longer is. According to the Lego officials, a fan has recreated the Hyrule castle. Inspired by “The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess,” 19-year-old Joseph Zawada has made a LEGO recreation of the Hyrule castle. The construction took two and a half years. And over a million Lego bricks.

LEGO Recreation of The Hyrule Castle
The recreation of The Hyrule Castle using LEGO.

In an interview, Zawada mentioned that the reason behind building the Castle was honoring his favorite entry in the all-time classic game series. The masterpiece unveiled at the Brickfair Virginia this year. While talking to the Youtube channel “Beyond The Brick,” Zawada claimed that the roof- the hardest part to build.

Because of its weird angle and octagonal shape and the fact that legos are blocks, a considerable amount of time and effort was needed only for the roof. The Castle was also fitted with vegetation growing out from the castle parts to make it look organic.

About The Castle

The big towers are made of two 4*6 heavy turrets also found at the castle sets. The Castle comprises of 40 large pieces. The exterior towers are hollow. Also, connected with click hinges. Impressive tile work surrounds the Castle. Zawada spent a considerable amount of money building this possible. The Castle is on an Island. Money, dedication, and technique were the three things that went into recreating the Hyrule Castle.

LEGO recreation of The Hyrule Castle
The fan who recreated The Hyrule Castle using LEGO blocks and pieces.

For a movie or a show breakdown, Joseph had some fantastic ideas regarding the Castle. All the towers and the roof lift. Along with this, the island separates and splits itself into four pieces. The weirdly shaped roof was the most challenging aspect of the build. Joseph has made a bang on the job. The recreation closely resembles the original.

Check Out this fantastic Youtube video about what went into building the Castle:


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