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WWDC 2020: What Will Apple Announce And Predictions

WWDC 2020: Predictions
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WWDC 2020: What Will Apple Announce?:Β The Worldwide Developers Conference popularly known as the WWDC is an annual conference held by Apple.

In this conference, developers from all over the world come together and get access to Apple’s creations. This year, unfortunately, the event is going to be online due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

The virtual event is on 22nd June and is free for everyone to watch. This event will allow every developer in the world to get access to the future versions of iOS, iPad, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

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Let us dig into the details of this year’s WWDC.

WWDC: What Happens Generally?

Traditionally, WWDC happens at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Apple usually charges $1,599 from developers. But, considering the global health crises, this year, the conference is free.

WWDC 2020 Is Going To Be Online
Source: The Geek Herald

The whole conference is generally for the developers but many Apple fans all over the world, are interested in this year’s conference. Everyone wants to know about the new versions Apple is willing to provide us this year!

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Generally, Software updates are the main focus during WWDC events but, since a few years, we’ve seen some Hardware updates too.

Let us check out our predictions for this year’s conference.

WWDC 2020: Software Predictions

In terms of Software developments, we expect Apple to develop-

  • Apple will announce iOS 14 before rolling out a developer beta version so devices can make sure their apps work properly.
  • We feel Apple is about to switch from Intel to ARM-based processors and that will have an effect on the way macOS works. It would be easy for the company to merge macOS and iOS.

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WWDC 2020: Hardware Predictions

In terms of Hardware developments, we expect Apple to develop-

  • Over-ear headphones- Apple is said to launch a set of new over-ear headphones.
  • New Home Pod- Rumours say Apple is launching a cheaper HomePode to help the company gain market share.
  • Updated Apple TV- We would like if Apple decided to give us a smaller and cheaper Apple TV to reach masses.

Regardless, these are our predictions as to whatΒ Apple is going to announce here! Let us wait for the event and see if our predictions were correct or not! Stay tuned to find out more!

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