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Xbox One X: Rumoured To Be Cheaper Than PS5 At Initial launch

Xbox One X

Due to recent COVID 19 outbreaks, prices of different new products are at a drop. Some of them even pushed releases to the end of the year. But for gamers, it won’t matter much as both Sony and Microsoft announced to launch their new consoles i.e, PS5 and Xbox One in ‘Holiday 2020’. That’s around October to December. But as I said, this outbreak can affect their price.

New Consoles

Sony is going to launch its new play station “PS5” and Microsoft named their upcoming console as “Xbox One X”. Both can be launched around the same time. As a gamer, we are very excited about each one of those. But we will have to wait a bit.

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Xbox One X Vs PS5: Specs So Far

Xbox One X

As neither of them hasn’t been officially launched yet, so we have little specs with us. On paper, Xbox OneΒ  has a slight upper hand as it has a larger SSD than its compatriot. But nothing can be said at this moment as they have similar processing capabilities.

Xbox One X Vs PS5: Pricing

As both boast similar specs and capabilities, it is rumored that both of them are to priced around 499$. But some rumors are there which says that Xbox One X may be slightly cheaper than its compatriot PS5. It may be possible due to Microsoft’s “All Access Program” which lets users buy a new console on monthly installments. This is a familiar feature for the users already having Xbox. Microsoft’s “All Access Program” is a more efficient and pocket-friendly feature than that of Sony’s PS5.

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Xbox One X Vs PS5: Games Featured

Xbox One X

Very few details related to featured games are known. Though Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinite, aka Halo 6, will be a launch title for Xbox Series X. The Halo franchise is a unit shifter for Microsoft, a big-budget FPS series that will have been left on a bit of a cliff hanger for five years come to the β€˜Holiday 2020’ release of Halo Infinite. Also, we know Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will be releasing for Xbox Series X.


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