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Xbox One X: Star Wars Console Bundle for $300 ! Here Get to know more about it !


Whether we love gaming or we don’t, having an Xbox One X in our living rooms just for the guests to be awestruck is something we won’t mind. Especially when it comes with star Wars!

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Of course, it comes with the Xbox One X console,Β  wireless controller, the fallen order deluxe edition and one month of free access.

We all know the Jedi padawanΒ who escaped the purge of order 66 right? Some of us have always dreamt of living a Jedi life, climbing mountains, going on adventures and fighting our enemies.

Well here’s the chance to explore the mysteries around us and challenge ourselves while we continue being trained.

Xbox One X

What Is So Special About This Console?

Well, this console has about 40 per cent more power than any other of it’s kind and comes with over 2000 games to choose from, anywhere, anytime.


Unboxing any parcel is kind of fun and is highly anticipated. Well unboxing this gem of a box is mesmerizing. Let’s get a sneak peek! So what’s inside?

1)A pamphlet designed beautifully.Β  2.) Instruction card describing the basics like how to set up using the batteries .3) A digital copy of Jedi order .yaay!Β  4) Very cool set of controllers.Β  5) The console of course with USB ports and the rest is surprise!

Is It Worth The Price?

What can be the right time to sit glued to our game controllers if not now?Β  (because quarantine). Especially when it’s a steal deal.

Xbox One X isn’t always available at this price. So better get it before it sells out like hot cake in the market.Β  The price ranges from 350$ to 500$.Β  You can get yours from Amazon or Best buy at the lowest possible price.

This X box can be swapped with the next-generation console after paying 12 monthly payments at least.


Xbox One X

Here’s the latest opportunity for getting your hands on the fastest-selling piece of dream developed by Microsoft.Β  This high functioning bundle with great features only at 300 $ is attracting people from all over and of all age.

So stay home, stay safe,Β  keep killing your enemies from the comfort of your bed. Happy quarantine.


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