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Xbox Series: Microsoft Plans Its xCloud Servers To Xbox Series In 2021

xCloud Servers To Xbox
Source: USgamer

Xbox Series: Microsoft Plans Its xCloud Servers To Xbox Series In 2021:Β Microsoft is getting ready to launch its xCloud game streaming service next year as a part of Xbox game pass.

Microsoft, a technology-based company, is planning to dive into the game streaming sector. xCloud announced as ‘Project xCloud’ by Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service. Microsoft announced this project back in October 2018.

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Let us dive into the details regarding the Microsoft xCloud servers in the Xbox series.

Project xCloud

The project xCloud is an easy way to play games. You can play Xbox games on your mobile phone or tablet directly from the Cloud. The best part about this is, you don’t have to download games.

In the Xbox console streaming, you require pre-installed games or Xbox games. But, in the Cloud, you don’t need the console.

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Microsoft’s Plans: xCloud Servers To Xbox Series

Microsoft’s service was initially with Xbox One S console in server blades in Microsoft’s datacenters, but the software giant is planning to upgrade this hardware next year.
Xbox and xCloud
Source: Den of Geek
Sources tell us that they have already started the testing on upgraded xCloud servers. Microsoft is experimenting with PC server blades for streaming PC games on xCloud.
This new series provides some ‘performance gains’ for its cloud streaming efforts. This next-gen processor is capable of running four Xbox One S game consoles simultaneously.
It includes a new built-in video encoder that is six times faster than the current one which Microsoft uses.

Microsoft xCloud: Other Details

Microsoft’s experiments with PC server blades is likely to lead to Xbox game pass. The company is currently testing xCloud on PC games for Xbox on Microsoft Windows 10. Unfortunately, we don’t have any news regarding its status as of now.
Except for Microsoft, Google and, many such companies are looking to launch online game streaming in the technology sector. Stay tuned to know more!


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