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Xi Jinping Wants China To Get Started On Building Everything To Commercialize Quantum Technology


Xi Jinping Wants China To Build-‘New Advantage For Development’

Source: The Register

The country has been ordered by Chinese President Xi Jinping to hurry up and do whatever it takes to sell quantum technology.
Xi called for the nation’s boffins to seek independent research and make breakthroughs in core technologies.Β  In his speech to a community study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee last week.

State-run media, which reported the speech, said the “chairman of everything” wants China to “ensure the safety of industrial and supply chains, and enhance China’s ability of responding to international risks and challenges with science and technology.”

Xi Jinping Wants To Gain Upper Hand In Competition And Growth Benefits


Local sources also state that Xi “called for efforts to promote emerging strategic industries such as quantum communications. To gain the upper hand in international competition and generate new growth benefits.

The mention of communications is noteworthy. Given that China has already shown the distribution of the quantum key from a satellite carrying particles entangled with the earthbound matter. With quantum encryption commonly regarded as entirely impervious to decryption. There are potentially significant consequences for calling for China to develop a “new advantage” through quantum technology.

China has fewer trumpet winners in quantum computing. But state media have spoken about advances that could lead within a decade to a million-qubit device. If designed with local technology, such a machine could do what a working million-qubit machine does.

In comparison, IBM outlined a quantum roadmap in September that vowed to deliver a 1,121-qubit computer in 2023. It proposed million-qubit boxes as the next move without setting a date on when they could be given.

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