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Xiaomi Halts Release Of MIUI 12 ! Latest Update

Source: XDA Developers

What Is MIUI?

Xiaomi MIUI 12: MIUI is the operating system for the smartphones and tablets made by the Chinese company Xiaomi. It is an Android-based operating system. This operating system is a fork of the Android operating system and is exclusive to Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. This OS includes many features like theme support.

Source: XDA Developers

Xiaomi Comes Out With Stable MIUI 12

Xiaomi has come out with a stable version of MIUI 12. It released this version on 17 June 2020. This is only a stable beta version of MIUI 12. MIUI 11 is yet to come out in its full-fledged version. The beta version got released in Redmi K30 5G, Redmi K20 Pro, and Mi 9T Pro. In Redmi K30 5G, the update has the build number V12.0.1.0.QGICNXM. The total update is of 759 MB. On the other hand, in Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9T Pro, the update released is V12.0.1.0.QFKCNXM. These updates have not been released to all smartphones but only to China’s stable branches. Other areas can soon expect an update.

MIUI 12 Halted In Some Smartphones

Xiaomi was supposed to expand the update to all devices. However, it seems like some MI smartphone users like the ones having Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 7 may have to wait for the update to come to their smartphone. Now Xiaomi has also suspended the release of MIUI 12 in smartphones like Mi 10, Redmi K30 Pro, and Mi 10 Pro. The information relating to this has been made public in the Mi Forums.

Xiaomi Halts Release Of MIUI 12

Reason For Halting MIUI 12

As per the information given in Mi Forums, there are two reasons for stopping the release of the stable version of MIUI 12 in these smartphones. As far as Redmi Note 8 is concerned, the company is looking forward to first wrap up with the update of Android 10. So Redmi Note 8 will have Android 10 with MIUI 11. This means the company is putting Android 10 update ahead of MIUI 12 in the case of Redmi Note 8. The update in other smartphones including Redmi Note 7 has come to a full stop due to stability issues. Now the Mi smartphone users of these models will have to wait and see when the company will release an update for MIUI 12.

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