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Yellowcard Drops A $15M Copyright Lawsuit Against Juice Wrld!

Yellowcard vs Juice Wrld
via Rolling Stone

Richard Busch: Yellowcard Drops A $15M Copyright Lawsuit Against Juice Wrld!: The famous lawsuit where Yellowcard sued Juice Wrld for copying the lyrics of the song ‘Lucid Dreams’ is finally dropped. Not a long ago, Yellowcard silently dropped the lawsuit against the late rapper Juice Wrld.Β 

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The band accused Juice Wrld last October before the rapper’s death and his producers that he knowingly copied the band’s song ‘Holly Wood Died’ and turned it into ‘Lucid Dreams.’ Nevertheless, let us get into the details of this dropped lawsuit.

They Dropped It!

Last Friday i-e the 24th of July, Yellowcard’s lawyer, Richard Busch, signed off on a form to dismiss the complaint. However, the case was in limbo since Juice Wrld aka Jarad Higgens died off a drug overdose in December.

Moreover, in court documents filed a few weeks back, lawyers for Juice Wrld said that his mother, Carmela Wallace had been appointed the representative of the estate, meaning she would now be the defendant in the lawsuit as well.

Yellowcard vs Juice Wrld
via Vice

Richard Busch conveyed that the decision to drop the lawsuit was Yellocard’s. He said:

“My clients were really uncomfortable about pursuing this action against Juice Wrld’s grieving mother as the representative of his estate. As they said previously, they are also incredibly sympathetic about his death and were torn initially about pursuing this in the light of his death. As a result, all of that has happened, they simply need additional time to decide what they want to do.”

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The Dismissal

Christine Lepera, the attorney that represented Juice Wrld’s estate recently said:

“Defendants were fully prepared to defend against allegations, viewed as without merit, and remain so prepared it should become necessary. There was no settlement or consideration whatsoever for Plaintiffs’ voluntary dismissal.”

Yellowcard vs Juice Wrld
via The New York Times

Juice Wrld’s case got dismissed due to his untimely death and because the other party didn’t want to fight with his grieving mother.

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The Case

Juice Wrld’s song Lucid Dreams released in May 2018 and was immediately top 2 on the 100 billboard list. However, according to the lawsuit, Juice Wrld and his producers also decided to willfully infringe Yellowcard’s song Holly Wood Died.

The suit says that parts of the melodies of both the songs are virtually identical. Aside from the similar notes in verse, the lawsuit identifies melisma idiosyncrasy in two songs.

Honestly, if played back to back, both the songs sound similar, but, doesn’t that apply to any radio emo song? However, let us know what you think about Yellowcard quietly dropping the lawsuit.


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