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Yolanda Hadid Denies Helping Ghislaine Maxwell In Hiding ! Daughter Gigi Hadid Speaks Up For Her !

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Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested For S*x Scandal

Ghislaine Maxwell was in a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. He was arrested in 2019 under the charges of sex trafficking. Ghislaine was a British socialite who later got associated with Jeffrey. Jeffrey was convicted of sex trafficking while Ghislaine was arrested under the theory that she lured people which even included minors.

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Was Ghislaine Maxwell Hiding In The Farmhouse Of Yolanda Hadid?

Yolanda Hadid is an actor known for her role in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After the arrest of Ghislaine, she got dragged into the scandal. Maxwell got arrested on 2 July 2020, but a series of tweets claimed Yolanda’s involvement in hiding Maxwell. Furthermore, Dutch journalist Henk Van Ess revealed in his tweet that he had tracked Maxwell’s movements through her IP address which showed that she had visited New Hope, Pennsylvania. Moreover, it is the same place where Yolanda has a farmhouse. The tweet suggests that Yolanda gave shelter to Maxwell in her farmhouse. However, the journalist has now deleted the tweet for unknown reasons.

Yolanda Hadid Denies Involvement With Ghislaine Maxwell

Yolanda realized that the news of her involvement was spreading quickly. Two days after the arrest of Ghislaine, Yolanda issued a clarification that she had no involvement in hiding Maxwell. However, she denied all the allegations made through the tweet by Henk Van Ess. She said, β€œI do not know or have ever associated with Ghislaine–the first time I have heard about her or any of this was watching the documentary, like the rest of the world, on Netflix-”

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Gigi Hadid Speaks Up On Behalf Of Her Mother

Gigi Hadid also decided to raise her voice in support of her mother. She is currently in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik. The two revealed earlier in the year that they were pregnant and are expecting a baby soon. Gigi said in her tweet, β€œMy mom, clearly from her timeline, almost never uses the twitter app.. this was only brought to her attention by me bc fans were sending me your tweets. She wouldn’t have seen your tweets & can not go back in twitter mentions that far…”

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