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YouTube Deleted Conspiracy Theorist David Icke’s Official Channel, Having Repeatedly Warned Him Not To ViolateΒ Policies!

Youtube removed David Icke's channel

YouTube Deleted Conspiracy Theorist David Icke’s Official Channel

Without any doubt, the YouTube family has taken action against the conspiracy theorists David. Most importantly, YouTube gave many warnings to David. Especially, for not violating the YouTube policies.Β  However, David ignored every warning provided by the YouTube team. In addition to this, finally, YouTube took action against his official channel.Β 

Without any doubt, YouTube deleted conspiracy theorist David Icke’s official channel. Especially, even after providing repeated warnings to him. Especially, to not to violate the YouTube policies. Most importantly,Β  YouTube has very clear cut policies with regards to policy violations. YouTube Deletes Channel Of Conspiracy Theorist David Icke

However, YouTube tries to warn the person violating the policies. But especially if the person is not following their warnings. YouTube can especially, decide to permanently delete the person’s account.Β  However, the same happened in David’s situation. Last but not least, we request you guys to keep reading this article until the end to know all the exact details. Especially, with regards to this deleted conspiracy theorists video.Β 

YouTube’s Clear Cut Policies

Without any doubt, YouTube has a clear cut policy. Especially, to take action against any video which is disputing the comments made by the World Health Organisation. Especially, with regards to the current outbreak of COVID-19.Β 

YouTube, David Icke Channel Deletion, & 5G Caused COVID-19 ...
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Without any doubt, we all know the effect of COVID-19 on the entertainment, business, and technological industries. However, certain people are trying to spread rumours across the internet using social media. Especially, as their spelling platform. In addition to this, certain people and YouTubers are trying to dispute the statements made by the World Health Organisation. Especially, concerning the current Global pandemic and outbreak of COVID-19.

However, YouTube’s clear cut policy restricts his YouTubers to provide any disputation against the statements of the World Health Organisation. Compelling to which YouTube deleted conspiracy theorist David official channel. Especially, even after providing him repeated warnings to not to violate YouTube policies.Β 

YouTube’s Will Still Allow

However, YouTube will still allow third-party media to be streamed on his platform. Most importantly YouTube has still not provided any official statement with regards to their decision with David’s official channel. Is conspiracy theorist David Icke’s life in danger? Many ...

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