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Youtube Experiment By Letting Creator Sell Ads Directly To Brands

Youtube Experiment By Letting Creator Sell Ads Directly To Brands

“creators Sell – there’s a catch.”

now youtube is sanctioning a new program letting its creators sell ad space directly to the brands with whom they are regularly working.


so this program is limited and extends only to work between the creators and the brands, that too who all are already sharing a good relationship. It is officially disclosed by “TOM LEUNG” the director of product management at youtube.

so according to Leung, in the present scenario, this is a small program which is limited to some extent, but there is no denial in the fact that many people are interested in it, but as the amount of data increases there are chances that they will share out soon.


So here the question arises that if the partners could do it since 2010, why were the creators exempted from their performance? so here the answer could be that due to ‘murky disclosure situations’ as the creators run ads for a company that they can work with the retail product, in the form of a video, where they are talking about the lets for an, e.g. palette, so do they have to disclose it?

And for this purpose youtube has framed certain guidelines for the smooth flow of this deal.


SO here basically the thing which is done is that sort of more control is given in the hands of the people only that now they can have control in their hands over ‘what ads play on their videos, this advertising strategy does not rely on youtube rolling ads, but it is something which has been requested by the ‘creators’ itself.

with this top creators are earning a good bank balance, through earning higher CPM RATES. here the reasoning is sensible as the top creators generate a higher number of views on an average basis, and by these advertising opportunities, get revenue from these ads, down to the thousands of creators in the name of ” youtube partner’s program”.

Making advertisements on youtube is a big business, which has been proven through the instances, ” as google earned more than 15 billion in advertising from youtube”, the trouble arises when the policy changes, as than the creators have to move according to them, which requires a change in their strategy. That somewhat becomes a question of concern.

But now that to ” under the shade of umbrella there still lies an ambiguity in the conclusive part, that aftermath, there is a large group who is interested in these sorts of strategies and are flown by them, will really youtube will spread its arms for these people too, to take them under the umbrella?


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