Zelda: Updated News And Trailer, Nintendo America Official Announcement And Gameplay Leaks!


‘The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild’ is an action-adventure, open world, single-player game. Akihito Toda and Satoru Takizawa create the game. And Nintendo developed and published the game. This game available on Nintendo Switch. 

The game revolves around the Hyrule kingdom. How Link, the playable character, awakens from a hundred-year slumber to defeat Calamity Ganon before it can destroy the kingdom.The last version of the game released in March, 2017. And fans are waiting for the next one which is on its way.

Breaking Down The Trailer:


The trailer launched at E3 2019. It is a 2 min and 12-sec long video with no dialogue. The trailer shows Link and Zelda exploring a dark dungeon under Hyrule riding an elephant-like beast with a torch. In the tomb spirit, tendrils are creeping around them. And then something happen. They are shocked. After the scene cut to the resurrection scene of a long-dead, creepy looking warrior. 

Then the trailer cut to the scene of Hyrule castle on the Hyrule field. Suddenly there is a tremor and the castle dusted to the ground. Thus the trailer ended with a message that BOTW 2 is under development.

The game will take a turn into the darker side. And also the title may change later as ‘Zelda: Breath of the Darkness’. Well, the title adds more thrill to it.


The game may have new maps to explore. In the trailer, we see Hyrule princess has a short haircut and dressed like Link’s adventurer’s gear. This might be a hint that she will be a playable character in the game. The Demon king Demise may also return to this game in his real form of Ganondorf.

Release Date:


There is no official announcement regarding the release date of the game. But as per the trailer, it says the game is under development. So, we might assume the game will release in the next year.

Though last year, leaker Sabi informed the Breath of the Wild 2 is going to release on 2020 but also added the release dates are always delayed. So, it seems like he is right about it.

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