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Zoom Banned By Educational Institutions, Business Agencies-This is Why?

The headquarters of Zoom.

Zoom Banned

Due to the ongoing issues of COVID-19 pandemic, both business and educational institutions are working from home. They have moved to virtual meetings. Many business people and educational organizations widely use the zoom. It gained enormous popularity in this lockdown by a massive increase in their shares but zoom banned recently in other places.

New York City banned this video-conferencing service Zoom. Due to security and privacy concerns, it was banned by the Department of Education. Department of Education Chancellor Richard Carranza gave instructions to Ban. He also insisted on following other ways in which their department had already started. They already started training teachers and staff by other means. The department took this decision on considering student privacy laws, including FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The video conferencing experience through zoom.

Zoom For Video-Conferencing

This issue made zoom a decrease in its users. Because the students and teachers take a mass-step to another video-conferencing platform. However, zoom gained popularity and millions of users across the globe. It also brought to light significant privacy and security flaws from the company side.

Zoom Downloads

Despite the availability of many other platforms for video-conferencing, the zoom has a unique place all over the world. The platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft, which offers Skype, etc. have been in use for a very long time. But in recent times, due to corona issues, on March 23, 2020 zoom was downloaded 2.13 million times. From the Apple App store, it has 2.04 million the day before. Two months ago, zoom averaged 56,000 downloads a day across the globe.

The security and policy issues undergoing in zoom made it banned in many countries.

Zoom is emerging users email address and photos have leaked. Calls aren’t end-to-end encrypted made to ban the App. Even the CEO of zoom said that the company had committed some missteps with its fast-growth. These reasons made to take action against using Zoom. Clark country Schools in Nevada disabled zoom on all school Computers.

These security flaws have prompted some organizations, companies, governments, government agencies, and schools to ban Zoom. Google has banned zoom from company-owned computers. Taiwan has banned zoom for use by all government agencies. NASA, German Foreign Ministry, Australian Defence Force, etc. prohibited their employees from using Zoom.

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