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Zoom: Company To Add The Option Of Selecting Data Centers To Route Calls For Paying Customers


Zoom: “The Controversial App” Company

In the pandemic crisis of coronavirus, the whole world is currently under lockdown state. It has very adversely affected entire nations. All the countries have knelt. Companies are shutting down, factories are closing, and roads are shunt. Between all these, the whole responsibility of the virus has been pointed towards China. So its natural for other countries to boycott the Chinese products. So, Zoom experience issues.

As a result, many companies are targeted. Zoom is such an example, among other apps. Zoom, a top-rated video conferencing app, was recently under enormous controversy. It was alleged to interfere with its customer privacy. The company was routing all the calls through China. Due to the history of breaching the privacy of customers by other Chinese apps, the controversy spread like wildfire.

The video conferencing experience through zoom.

Company’s Clarification

“In our urgency to come to the aid of people around the world during this unprecedented pandemic, we added server capacity and deployed it quickly. It started in China, where the outbreak began. In the process, we failed to implement our usual geo-fencing best practices fully. As a result, it is possible certain meetings were allowed to connect to systems in China, where they should not have been able to connect,”” Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said in a blog post.

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Initially, the company denied any sort of compromising of privacy. As Zoom was competition with leading video conferencing apps, other companies were under threat. As a result, companies like Microsoft and Google banned their employees from using the Zoom app. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, work from home concept is under trend. Due to this, customers are increasing every day. But after banning from these companies, other companies also started to ban the app. Many educational institutions have also banned the app. After seeing the downfall of customers, the company then came clean and gave the quote as mentioned above.

Data centers help zoom to redirect calls.

Solution To The Problem

Company officials said that from 18th April, paid customers will be able to choose their routing centers. This will benefit the customers as they will control their data transmission. They will now be controlling their privacy, and the company is making sure that it won’t happen again. For the non-paid members, the company also stated that non-Chinese customer’s calls wouldn’t be routed through China.

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