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Zoom End-To-End Encryption: Zoom Agrees To Provide End-To-End Security To All Its Users

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Boost For Zoom During Pandemic

Zoom End-To-End Encryption: Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is accessible through desktop and app. Zoom has gained a lot of prominence since its launch. It is known for its easy design and usability, which allows even a layman to operate it and video call others. Many organizations, schools, and colleges were affected badly due to the coronavirus pandemic. It became difficult to conduct classes and organize meetings due to the lockdown in different parts of the world. The majority of the schools and colleges used Zoom to conduct online classes. The shares of Zoom went really high at a time when the lockdown started taking place across the globe.

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Problem With Zoom

The easy interface of Zoom is also its drawback in some way. The interface of the platform is so vulnerable that hackers can easily enter any private rooms and disturb the meetings.Β  This exposed the weakness of the platform and soon people started shifting to other platforms. The government of different countries asked its people to refrain from using Zoom. Moreover, there were concerns regarding the privacy of users as Zoom had the option of monitoring and viewing the private video calls of its members. All this raised serious suspicions on its security.

Previous Stance Of Zoom On End-To-End Encryption

Zoom provided End-To-End Encryption (E2E encryption) to only its premium users. E2E encryption is where everything in a video call is encrypted and not even Zoom has the option of accessing it. Free members and other organizations cried foul play and demanded the same security for all users. To give their assurance, they started encrypting the meetings using a per-meeting AES256 key. However, this was still not as good as E2E security and Zoom still had access to the video calls of its members.

Zoom End-To-End Encryption
Source: Tripwire

Zoom Agrees To E2E Security

Zoom End-To-End Encryption: Zoom Agrees To Provide End-To-End Security To All Its Users: After continuous criticism from all corners, Zoom decided to provide E2E encryption for all its users on Wednesday. This will give an end to the security issues of the platform. The company has taken this decision after consulting various organizations from different sectors. People can now video call their friends without having concerns about their privacy.

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